The Chanoux family has been welcoming guests in the Champorcher Valley since 1996.
Back in 1993 we started renovation works of six huts located in the sunny village of Ronchas.
Our mission is to offer our guests a truly magical stay, with all the comforts and exclusively bespoke services.
The Revivre project was launched in 2016: an ambitious plan based on the untouched nature of Champorcher, our mountains, the produce of our land, our traditions and, above all, the well-being of our guests.

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The Farm

The Farm is a way of life, a philosophy aimed to appreciate the harmony of a crop field, the passing of time and the rotation of seasons.
Fertilisation, crops and breeding all take place while respecting and fostering the fertility and vitality of the soil along with the unique qualities of the locale flora and fauna.
The deep connection with nature and the utmost respect for the cycles of nature is key: that is why we pride ourselves in rejecting synthetic mineral fertilisers or chemical pesticides and instead embracing and cultivating the land based on the moon cycles.

Animals are a crucial part of this cycle: they provide the perfect fertilising material to promote a healthy soil.
According to this natural approach, soil fertility and vitality can be achieved by natural means: compost produced from solid farmyard manure, plant material as fertiliser, crop rotations, manual pest control and pesticides based on mineral and plant substances.
By revitalising the soil and increasing biological activity, plants can grow naturally, nourished by the soil ecosystem. Correct fertilisation and proper soil care are key to maintaining this balance.