Autumn at Revivre Village: the Foliage of Champorcher Valley

After the exhilarating energy of summer, where the mountain trails are filled with hikers, the streams flow abundantly, and animals frolic in the woods and meadows, nature seems to take a deep breath before presenting us with the most beautiful thing it has in store: autumn.

Experiencing autumn at Revivre Village means entering a unique dimension, losing oneself in the trails of the Mont Avic National Park, surrounded by the warm tones of autumn leaves.

Thanks to the gentle sun and the sweet silence that envelops the resort, the days seem to pass more slowly. It’s still possible to spend a lot of time outdoors, both in the Revivre gardens and in nearby the Mont Avic National Park



To appreciate nature as, before your very eyes, it dons its most elegant and refined clothes, thanks to the infinite and warm colours of autumn, we recommend coming in October. At this time of year, you can enjoy enchanted landscapes, restful silence, and the peaceful trails of Mont Avic National Park and have the opportunity to experience Champorcher as a local.



What are the best places to admire the foliage of Champorcher Valley? Let’s discover them together.

1) Hiking through the Dondena meadows give you the opportunity to admire the yellows and golds of the conifers silhouetted against the clear blue sky. The air is crisp and so pure that it seems to completely regenerate both mind and body.
Birds of prey fly slowly above: the golden eagle and the bearded vulture which, with their soaring trajectories, inspire dreams of distant worlds. The first snow can be seen on the distant peaks, dressing the naked rock in white for the most picturesque view possible. 

On the slopes of the mountains, the most fortunate will still be able to admire families of chamois as they timidly search for the last tufts of grass of the season. Meanwhile, marmots start their hibernation in autumn and are getting ready for their long winter sleep.
Hares and ermines are slowly changing into their winter coats and in a few weeks will be completely white so that they can blend in with the snow and escape from predators. 

2) Strolling through the woods of Valle dell’Alleigne, the trees are bright red and orange. Their leaves fall all around us, in a dance that seems to celebrate our slow and deliberate walk.

In the shrubs of the undergrowth, the bright red pulp of berries attracts the small birds that have remained in the area and that cheer us with their song.

The scent of moss and leaves fills our lungs and relaxes us deeply. 

3) A hike among the centuries-old chestnut trees of Pontboset will give you the opportunity to gather some of the most famous chestnuts in all of Valle d’Aosta. Enjoy them roasted or simply boiled and you’ll discover a unique flavour and succulent texture. 

When the evening chill arrives, nothing is more inviting than the chalet, where a fireplace, a book, and perhaps an excellent glass of local wine await you!

Fogliage Valle Aosta Champorcher


During this period, in addition to the autumn colours, you’ll also be able to experience another traditional practice: the desarpa.
The “desarpa” is an incredibly magical moment in which the large herds of cattle are brought down from the mountain pastures to the valley in a slow procession that lasts the entire day. The enormous bells worn by all of the animals produce an uninterrupted sound that can be heard from kilometres away.
And it’s that very sound which lets us, the inhabitants of the mountain, know that summer is really over…

Autunno Valle Aosta