The Mont Avic Natural Park

The Mont Avic Natural Park is no doubt one of the main reasons our guests choose to spend their holidays at Revivre Village.

A small paradise for hikers in summer and winter. This area stands out from the large Italian National Parks because of its young age and the possibility of reaching incredible landscapes even in just one hour walk.

Discover these 6,000 hectares of alpine lakes in many shades of blue, coniferous forests, vast meadows, streams, waterfalls, and alpine fauna.

Its peaks, towering at over 3,000 metres, are some of the best locations to admire Europe’s great 4,000-metre mountains: Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, and the Mont Blanc.


The heart of the park is known to many as ‘little Canada’. Here you will find the lago Bianco, Nero e Cornuto: one next to each other, each separated by small waterfalls. The view looks like a painting – so beautiful that to be almost unreal.
The lago Miserin with its sanctuary and refuge is considered one of the most beautiful places in Valle d’Aosta. It is the largest natural basin in the region, overlooked by the Rosa dei Banchi and the Col Finestra which leads to the Valle di Cogne.

The luckiest and most patient hikers will be able to admire ibexes, chamois, golden eagles, stoats, and marmots.
As you walk along the paths, you will notice the many butterflies perching on the flowers: the Mont Avic Natural Park is home to over than 1,100 different species!

The Dondena valley, majestic and evocative, takes on a thousand colours in early summer thanks to the blossoming of dandelions, forget-me-nots, gentians, and violets, to mention but some.

Visiting the park is an experience for everyone even with no guide. We suggest starting your experience at the visitor centre: expertly trained staff will suggest the most suitable hikes according to your level of expertise!

Revivre offers its guests the chance to discover the park with the donkeys Geppo and Martino. We organise 1- or more than 1-day hikes with our pack animals, to discover the extraordinary beauty of this region without the burden of carrying a backpack.