The Bard Fortress

Revivre Village guests cannot miss a visit to the Fortress of Bard. Located along the road to our village, this stunning set of ramparts will be spotted on the horizon for most of the hill.

Today, this 19th-century fortress houses the region’s largest museum and cultural centre.
This ancient castle dates back to 1034, when it belonged to the Savoy family for about six centuries.
Throughout its history, it was subject to various dominations, including Napoleon’s.
Guests visiting the Fort today appreciate the result of a major redevelopment project: on its 15,000 square metres, 3,600 metres are dedicated to exhibition rooms. Its permanent exhibitions are as follows: the museum of the Alps, the museum of fortifications and frontiers and the fort’s prisons.
You may have visited or heard of this fortress because of its famous exhibitions. The fort has indeed had the honour of hosting major artists such as Mirò, Matisse, Titian, Chagall, Raphael, Balla, Steve McCurry, Henri Cartier Bresson among others.

We recommend planning your visit in advance and selecting the wings of the museum you wish to visit, depending on your interests. Take your time and discover the many panoramic routes, its views, and its imposing walls.

A visit the mediaeval village – the centre of all trades, commerce, and pilgrimages – is a must-do.
The village of Bard preserves its old character, clearly noticeable in the beautiful, well-preserved medieval buildings.
Coats of arms, sundials, shops, and restaurants will be the ingredients of your visit.

Are you ready to explore this magical place with a medieval twist and a subtle charm?

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