Winter at Revivre Village

The Revivre chalets are located in the Champorcher Valley, different from other big winter tourist destinations, thanks to its small accommodation facilities, its family-run restaurants and above all its unspoilt nature, synonymous with relax, silence, peace and wellbeing.
In the winter season, the Revivre Village offers a unique atmosphere surrounded by a silent and quiet nature. The warmth of the wood will embrace you and protect you from the cold winds of winter.
The crackling fireplace will be the core of your chalet experience – the perfect place to spend unforgettable moments reading a good book, sipping a wine, or warming up with an herbal infusion.

inverno champorcher revivre


Also in the winter season the Mont Avic Natural Park is the main attraction for our guests. One of the most popular hikes with snowshoes or crampons is the walk to Lake Muffé. The route takes about an hour and forty minutes, in a winding path through snowy coniferous forests and frozen streams. Once arrived at destination, enjoy a series of traditional Aosta Valley dishes at the cosy restaurant.
You can also opt for a longer, full-day hike along the long trail to the Dondena hut. A 7 km sloping ground allows you to admire the beauty of the Champorcher Valley in all its power. Dreamy panoramas, different from every angle, views that become wider and wider, peaks that stand out on the horizon. All wrapped up in the whiteness of the snow, that makes everything soft and silent.
The Dondena hut, located at an altitude of 2,200 metres, towers on a snowy valley that seems to be suspended between earth and sky. You can stay here all year round, and both in winter and in summer you can enjoy delicious and carefully prepared dishes.
In winter you can admire part of the alpine fauna: the variable hare, the ermine, the chamois and, peering into the sky, the golden eagle, and the bearded vulture.
The Mont Avic Nature Park offers a number of mountain corridors that are practicable on alpine skis. If you are not yet familiar with the area and the discipline, we recommend hiring a guide who will be able to accompany you on your excursion.

inverno champorcher villaggi


The many villages in the valley are perfect for short walks of about an hour during the cold season. You will find old ovens used to bake rye bread, picturesque, frescoed churches, wooden and stone houses and the rascards – small ‘piles’ for storing grain and cereals. We recommend a visit to the villages of Rosier and Mont Blanc, sunbathing in the rays of the brightest star in the coldest winter months.

inverno champorcher sci


Downhill skiers will find the ski lifts 200 metres from our village. Champorcher offers a small ski area with 27 km of trails ideal for some snow-white fun on the pistes.
In winter, the Chardonney pine forest transform into a cross-country skiing trail: a route that winds through the undergrowth, along the Ayasse stream and along the mountain ridge.

Winter means getting used to a slower pace of life, made of small moments dedicated only to yourself. In the cold months, nature urges you to simply stop, observe, listen, and fill your heart with beauty.